To honor an outstanding science fair project in the field of industrial hygiene and related areas.
To introduce high school students to the field of industrial hygiene and to encourage industrial hygiene as a profession.


  1. The chair of the Public & Regulatory Affairs Committee will oversee this award presentation.
  2. The awardee will be chosen by the local section judges at the Houston Science Fair.


  1. In the Fall of each year, the Public & Regulatory Affairs committee will send a letter to all nearby high schools encouraging projects in the field of industrial hygiene.
  2. Follow-up phone calls may be necessary to ensure active participation.
  3. The Public & Regulatory Affairs Committee should offer assistance to interested students by providing ideas for projects, reference material, guest speakers, etc. Operations Manual, Gulf Coast Local Section--Page 35
    Revised December 1, 2010
  4. The Science Fair judges will review the projects at the Houston Science Fair and select one outstanding project in the field of industrial hygiene or related areas.
  5. One of the judges will serve as the National AIHA representative at the Science Fair Awards Ceremony held immediately after the Science Fair.
  6. The awardee, along with a maximum of two guests, will also be invited to the May meeting of the local section.
  7. The awardee will present their project to the membership and will be recognized for outstanding accomplishment.
  8. Awardees will be presented with an appropriate gift from the local section.


This award was established in 1980 by the local section in honor of James W. Hammond, who, having given many years of outstanding service to both the local section and to the field of industrial hygiene, is exemplary of the outstanding character for which this award is given. James Hammond was one of the original founders of the local section, served as its President in 1952, and has continued to support it as Director, counselor, and member for many years.


In 1987, he was awarded honorary membership in both the National AIHA and the local section. He served as past professor and Program Head for Industrial Hygiene at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston from 1978 until his retirement in 1987. Previous to this experience, he was Director of Industrial Hygiene at Exxon Company USA, where he contributed over 31 years of service to the company and its employees.

Among his many honors and accomplishments are Certification in Comprehensive Practice by the ABIH, Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, selected to receive the Henry F. Smyth Award in 1982 from the AIHA, and a member of Who's Who in Engineering. He has over 25 publications to his credit.


  1. To encourage excellence among area industrial hygiene students and recent graduates.
  2. To recognize for outstanding accomplishments, any student(s) and/or recent graduate(s) enrolled in a program of industrial hygiene or health related fields within the geographic boundaries of the local section.



  1. To qualify for consideration, a candidate must either be a current student or a recent graduate (i.e., less than one year since graduation from an industrial hygiene, environmental, or health related program at a university within the geographic boundaries of the local section).
  2. In January, the nominations & awards committee will solicit names of candidates both from the program heads of universities known to have qualified industrial hygiene, Operations Manual, Gulf Coast Local Section--Page 34
  3. Revised December 1, 2010 environmental, or health programs, and also by publishing a notice in the local section
  4. Resumes and other pertinent information regarding each candidate should be sent to the chair of the committee.
  5. The committee will then evaluate the candidates on the basis of academic achievements, research, publications, and other contributions to the field of industrial hygiene that are of an outstanding nature.
  6. The committee will select one or more recipients of the award.
  7. The recipients will receive the award at the May meeting. Each recipient will receive an appropriate gift from the local section.
  8. The award was established by the local section with the intent of awarding it annually to one or more deserving candidates. In the interest of maintaining the high standards and purpose of this award, the local section, through the nominations & awards committee, reserves the right to withhold the award for any year(s) where no candidates are found to meet the criteria of outstanding performance.
  9. A member can only win this award once.